The capacity to manage dualities has been at the heart of our approach for over thirty years.

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Drawing up a mental map

At Leclercq Associés there is no prescription, but, rather, a method based on recycling experiences and a process of permanent cross-fertilisation. From the details of execution to the most complex schema, our projects result from a constant balance between the cognitive and the intuitive designed to establish a mental map.

Simultaneously convoking economics, the sub-soil and geography, architect-urbanists are authorised to go beyond the programme and imagine all aspects of the territory.
Creating with

Shunning preciousness, Leclercq Associés conducts thoroughgoing research and accumulates a considerable amount of knowledge in order to apply a simple, readable approach free of factual imbroglio. Based on a detailed understanding of the territory, a narrative emerges and gives form to the project at hand. At that point, creativity is stimulated by a range of methods and techniques, including studies, designs, texts, mock-ups, sketches… Everyone is invited to contribute their ideas, including our interns.

Cutting machine
Model workshop Cutting machine
Constructing an history

Bringing out the best in something that seems banal, providing a vision of the future, finding the right expression, cracking a joke… Telling a beautiful story in order to get backers and users on board, Leclercq et Associés supply essential tools for regional marketing. The firm thereby fulfills one of the indispensable missions of the contemporary architect-urbanist. 

The exceptional in the ordinary: architecture and the city considered as a day-to-day adventure.
Mediation tools

Various means of communication are used by Leclercq Associés to adapt the description of the project to various phases, to problematics encountered, and to recipients. Scale models, digital mock-ups, graphic discourse, sketches are involved in a major work of synthesis is designed to express the essential.

Photographs: Alex Cretey Systermans